Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Smartphone - Android vs. BlackBerry (My notes)

Smartphone - Android vs. BlackBerry (My notes)
Thanks to inspiration from a neighboring blog about smartphone users vs. Android vs. Blackberry Iphone / Apple, with this I tried to share the experience of this smartphone (BB & Android experience), because if the iphone has not been able to beli.hehehe: D

A few months ago I had to write about my experience as well when using the Blackberry and then at the end I left because of many reasons that completely unsatisfactory over the features in it.
When I have no other Blackberry just want to follow the trend of the time and of course wanted communion fellow blackberry (BBM again-_-'). Guns no other reason than most phenomenal itu.karena the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)., And it happened allegations I most often use only the fuel.

Well, eventually my Blackberry for one month left then migrate to Android.alasannya, loads gan ...
Blackberry is still somewhat TREND smartphones among Indonesian people, but not for EUROPE and countries lainnya.entah why people think of when buying a BlackBerry nothing but want to have the facility BBM (BlackBerry Messenger), although there are still many social network applications that more sophisticated than this BBM.mungkin categorized RIM marketing strategies for bewitching penggunanya.whateverlah ...

English: The new Blackberry Curve smartphones.

Well, back to my pembahasan.kenapa leave BlackBerry?, Whether BB meets my needs ..? When I use the BB Curve (trackpad).

There are so many reasons if asked demikian.yaitu:

    BB performance is very slow when I want to browse (look for a solution in google via BB)
    Go to youtube also lost leletnya guns-_-beuhh
    Want to turn the camera sound aja must install the application again-_-
    Go to FB, Twitter, sometimes slow ...
    Hank often without reason jelas.apa mean?? ..
    Banget.sehari borossss battery might charge until 4x (beuhh already taking medication habits ngalahin aja nih-_-')
    AppStore is membosankan.aplikasinya banget.itu little else banyaakkk.beuhh if paid in android mah do in tanya.gratissss cuy ..
    Upgrade OS upgrades often bermasalah.akhirnya jd ga deh ..

And in the end, the BB is not in accordance with the requirements saya.sebagai a professional / businessman I prefer smartphones android.kenapa? .. Is he the reason:

    Many applications that allow Internet Andorid assist in meeting the needs anda.Google Play, Blackmarket, PandaApp, etc.
    AutoSync with our Google account (Gmail, Google+, Maps, Youtube, etc.) so that the process of its use quickly (no slow).
    Business support applications that memuaskan.mulai of Email, QuickOffice, Spreadsheet, PDF, etc. And it can be downloaded for free.
    Want to wear all kinds of promotional social networks?, Easy saja.karena Google Play provides hundreds / thousands even for you.
    What else whose name GAME.wowww,,, amazing gan.dari are free to the paid too ada.yang FREE aja segabrek.yang murah.berkisar also pay between $ 0.99 USD s / d $ 5 USD.
    Many developer.
    Can Oprek se'enaknya. CusRom, Stock ROM, etc. whatever istilahnya.tapi can essentially brain-tweaking until puassss: D
    and much more that makes me fall in love with the same android.

So, for me it all depends on our own self-masing.sudah as needed or when having a home smartphone.jangan follow trends, Gawul, or something that you yourself will not take advantage of the functions of the semestinya.Ibarat word "cool my HP, but do not know how to make-it "important Gawul man ..: D

Many say that BB users currently dominated alay.banyak say the android users are now in the dominance of the Gamers.itu all depends on your individual masing.namun if you want to take advantage of features that are complete, the Android-lah pemenangnya.Game, Social Network, Business, etc ... are all there.